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The tracks in the Nature Park of Capo Figari and the Island of Figarolo allow you to explore the nature and cultural aspects of the area. On foot, by bicycle or on horseback along the trails you can see many species of wildlife, including the mouflon and the Peregrine Falcon, along with a rich and diverse flora, including 100 year old junipers. Each track is distinguished by name, colour, length, time and the degree of difficulty. This makes the tracks easy to identify on the map and the signposts easy to use. The signposts make it simple to find your way around the park and to change footpaths quickly and easily.

It is advisable to have a map on hand when you go walking. If you have a smartphone the maps can be downloaded via the QR-Code present in all of the park's information boards: With one simple click you will have all the information you need to enjoy your walk.