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Mufloni Track

Colour: Giallo 3
Difficulty: EE
Length: 2,50 Km
Practicable: ON FOOT

The name of this track indicates one of the rarist and most charactersitic species of the area and, hopefully, during the walk you will see a mouflon close up. Half way along the course the cliff forms a maganificent natural ampitheatre, which drops into the sea. The track is very steep and bumpy and runs through the most rugged part of the territory, making the use of special equipment neccessary in some places. An experienced guide is a requirement for this track.

Trails on which an experienced guide is essential

This track is marked on the map in yellow, this track ranges from medium to difficut practicabilty and can only be covered on foot. You must have an experienced guide with you, as it is easy to get lost in the dense vegetation, and sometimes special equipment is neccessary.