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Track Monte Ruju

Difficulty: T
Length: 620 m
Time: 30 min
Practicable: ON FOOT - BY BICYCLE

You can reach this track either at Cala Moresca or from the Carbonai Track. This is an easy path, with a very slight climb at the start. You can admire the numerous types of flora, for example the cistus, the filasca, as well as the wild olive trees, strawberry trees and small juniper. Very rarely, it is possible to hear the weak shrill cry of the Peregrine Hawk. This track quickly takes you to the Red Houses hidden amongst tall cork trees, an ideal place for a quick stop on the green grassy area around the houses. Follow the only signposted arrow and you will go along the last part of the Monte Ruju Track, more impervious and more difficult, but which will take you to a breathtaking viewpoint of Golfo Aranci 200 m above sea level.