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This dive takes its name from its characteristic entrance: a big rock slide supported by columns at the entrance to this dive. The dive starts at -8 m and runs along a huge landslide until it reaches what is called La Dromia, a big room at -18 m, greatly populated by a type of crab (Dromia personata) and characterised by coloured infiltrations of light which create an unreal atmosphere. Continuing in the opposite sense, at -22 m there is a group of rocks which offers the opportunity to follow grouper, croaker, and forkbeards from close up. From here you slowly ascend to -18 m until you enter into the Doorway, which gives its name to the site. Before returning to the boat, the show continues with the possibility to see lobster and ceriantus, which animate this beautiful cave. The more expert diver can go -35 m further in depth to see up close the splendid and intact Byznatine anchor, perched on a boulder.

If you want to go snorkelling or diving we strongly recommend that you contact a local diving centre that will safely guide you in discovering the seabeds.