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The name of this dive spot comes from the famous Sardinian carnival mask which resembles the rock at the diving spot. From -15 m to -30 m of depth, you can admire the large boulders that surround the huge crevice that is wedged into the mountains for about 30 m. The dive is characterised by the presence of “ciprea delle gorgonie” (Neosimnia spelta), a small parasite shellfish, whose shell reflects the type of Gorgonie. Pushing down to -30 m until -40 m, the amazing drop off of the coral bed offers more crevices and holes full of lobster and the possibility to encounter migratory fish such as dorado, amberjack and tuna.

If you want to go snorkelling or diving we strongly recommend that you contact a local diving centre that will safely guide you in discovering the seabeds.