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This area is populated by plants that can withstand the extreme summer droughts typical of this area, thanks to their structural adaptation over millions of years. Here you can find all the typical Mediterranean species. In addition, you can find the acacias, due to human interference, or you can find the cistus, due to bush fires. The variety of plants is very impressive with a lot of diversity due to geomorphologic conditions: the wild olive and mastic tree along the south-western facing ridges, the spurge in the higher areas, pine groves around the bay, along with reeds and other marine plants that have adapated to the salinity of the sea. On the climb up to the Italian Navy Radio Station you will be overwhelmed by the distinctive aromas of heather, rosemary, wild lavander, the Phoenician juniper, arbutusm and ilex and you can also admire the coloured helichrysum when it is in full bloom.