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This area, as a whole, is of considerable importance due to the presence of numerous rare and protected species, including the mouflon, which has been decimated and reduced to a few dozen examples due to poaching and stray dogs. As far as birds are concerned, there are 58 species of which 26 are settled, and most important of all is the presence of 5 species of sea birds: Cory's Shearwaters, Shearwaters, Storm birds, Shags, Corsican Gulls. The nesting Peregrine Hawk has also been noted. The site is Nature Reserve no. 14 established by L.R. n°31 of 7/6/1989 and therefore it has a total ban on hunting. More specifically, we list the species outlined in Article 4 of Directive 79/409/CEE and listed in Annex II of the Directive 92/43/CEE and relative site evaluation.